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Seedling Propagation Trays with Punnet, Tube or Jiffy Pellet Options (4 x trays)

Premium nursery grade seedling trays made here in Australia. These standard sized trays (350x295x55mm) are highly durable and versatile as they are compatible with a large range of pots, punnets, tubes, liners and other products and are therefore used widely across the nursery industry in Australia.

Kit Options per Tray

Available seedling tray styles

Tray Type Description
Flat Mesh Suitable for a wide range of pots, punnets, tubes and even large Jiffy® pellets as the inside base of the tray is flat. This tray style has 8 label holder slits (2 each side) at the top edges of the tray.
Corrugated Similar to Flat Mesh tray, except with improved drainage as a result of corrugated base, however not suitable for Jiffy® pellets. This tray style has 4 label holder slits at the top edges of the tray.
Solid Hydro This is a solid tray without any holes whatsoever. This tray style is best suited to hydroponics related applications, or in combination with a tray liner and/or with Jiffy® pellets.

Jiffy®-7 compressed coir pellets

The Jiffy®-7 compressed coir pellets are made of compressed coir and once soaked, will expand to approximately 35mm wide and 38mm high. For the germination of most plant varieties, coir is generally more suitable than traditional seed-raising mixes as coir is lighter (enabling germinating seedlings to push through easier) and has improved air-filled porosity and a lower EC. The tray liners have drainage holes, therefore we recommend the selection of the Solid Hydro tray style with Option E to enable the Jiffy®-7 pellets to be watered by adding water to the tray. The tray liners enable Jiffy®-7 pellets to be lifted, excess water drained from the Solid Hydro tray and pellets/tray liners placed back into the tray.

Product Details & Specifications

  • Seedling trays are made of a durable black plastic and measure approximately 350 x 295 x 55mm.

What am I Purchasing?

  • Seedling trays, of selected pack size and tray style (Flat Mesh, Corrugated, or Solid Hydro)
  • Kit options A through to E, one option to be selected

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