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8-cell Rigid Plastic Seedling Punnets

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Commercial-grade 8-cell rigid seedling punnets are reusable as they are made from a tough and durable black plastic, ideal for use in the nursery environment. These punnets can be shuffled around between trays (with seedlings still in the punnets) with confidence, as the punnets maintain their structural integrity, unlike the cheaper options which simply twist and crumble, even with minimal handling pressure.

Ten (10) of these 8-cell metric punnets (137 x 67 x 55mm) fit into a standard seedling tray (350 x 295 x 55mm).

What we love

  • Rigid design based on durable black plastic ensures punnets are reusable
  • High-packing density with 10 punnets fitting into a standard seedling tray
  • Slimline design ensuring seedlings are easy to remove during transplanting (unlike the open punnets that are not divided into individual cells)
  • Appropriate drainage configuration ensures strong development
  • Integrated label holders (x4) to provide ease of labelling

What am I Purchasing?

  • 8-cell rigid seedling punnets, of selected pack size

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Baba Lye (NSW)

Received goods quickly. All good.

Melissa (VIC)

So easy to use, helps a great root all form

Deborah (NSW)
Seedling punnet satisfaction!!

Happy with my seedling punnet selection from www.theclimbingfig.com.au online store. My seedlings are growing happily and will soon be ready for the great outdoors transplant. Thankyou!! 🌱