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Vegetable Planting Guide - by Gardening Australia

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We recommend use of the Vegetable Planting Guide by Gardening Australia as it can assist in determining what types of vegetables can be planted when. This interactive resource requires two easy steps:

  1. select your region from a climate zone map of Australia
  2. select the vegetable you are enquiring about from a drop down menu

It's as simple as that. The site will then bring up helpful information for the particular vegetable, including information on the ideal time to plant.

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The Gardening Australia Vegetable Planting Guide has been created to provide you with an indication of what vegetables you can plant month by month in your particular climate zone. Climate zones have been generalised and are to be used as an indication of the type of climate in your area - as most of us know seasons can change quickly, come early, late or not at all! Click here to open (in a new tab).

Conditions of Use

Our recommendation is for non-commercial purposes. We do not warrant or take any responsibility for the accuracy of information provided by third-party resources, such as the information contained in this guide.