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Philodendron Bipinnatifidum Seeds

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Philodendron Bipinnatifidum, most commonly known in Australia as Tree Philodendron (Syn. Philodendron Selloum), is a spectacularly large leafed philodendron successfully used in many different landscaping applications. The deep lobed, glossy dark green leaves provide a brilliant tropical looking backdrop to any garden.

Philodendron Bipinnatifidum plants can grow up to 3m, and are often used as an understorey plant for established gardens/trees, or even beside buildings and fences, where they act as a informal privacy screen.

Philodendron Bipinnatifidum is a relatively easy to grow garden plant that does not require any maintenance, will tolerate soils with generally poor nutrition and is resistant to most common garden pests and diseases. This species is often grown in pots.

Philodendron Bipinnatifidum encompasses the species Philodendron Selloum, which until recently was believed to be a separate species. Whilst the evolutionary botanists debate the taxonomic classification of this species, you can enjoy the tranquillity of this plant, straight from the Amazon.

Advantages of Philodendron Bipinnatifidum

  • Brilliant landscaping variety
  • Spectacular foliage, stems and trunk
  • Tropical looking plant which will also grow in cooler climates
  • Versatile foliage plant suitable in a range of garden applications
  • Easy to grow and low maintenance
  • Grows well at the base of trees
  • Resistant to most common pests and diseases


  • 2 - 2.5m height at maturity
  • 2 - 4m apart is a suitable planting distance
  • Prefers part shade but will grow in sunny aspect
  • Will grow in most regions of Australia
  • Hardy evergreen perennial

Seed Sowing Instructions

  • Easy to follow seed propagation notes are provided with every seed purchase
  • Seeds of this variety are best started in seed raising mix or Jiffy® pellets before planting into the garden

What am I Purchasing?

  • Premium seeds of Philodendron Bipinnatifidum
  • Easy to follow seed propagation notes

Customer Reviews

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Sue Prosser (VIC)
Purchased multiple times

Every packet I've purchased has had great germination rates

Jess (VIC)
Beautiful plant - can't wait to grow!

I was so happy to receive my order within days of purchasing. The seeds came well packaged with helpful growing instructions. I can't wait for spring to get planting!