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Propagation Mini Greenhouse Tray Kits With Jiffy Pellets Vermiculite Fertiliser

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Everything you need to get started on your propagation journey, or improve you current germination results if you are struggling with expensive but poor quality seed raising mixes. This is an easy to use mini greenhouse ideal for propagation of seedlings or small cuttings. Jiffy pellets, vermiculite and seed Jump-Starter are optional contents.

Over the years we have performed numerous trials to identify the most reliable and effective seed propagation methods, available to amateur and semi-professional gardeners. Our trials have consistently shown that for most varieties, seeds sown into coir jiffy pellets, and kept inside a humidity regulated dome, produce the best results. To make the process as successful and trouble free as possible, we are offering this high-quality Propagation Kit (range of quantities), together with options to add Jiffy pellets, vermiculite and seed Jump-Starter.

Each Propagation Kit includes:

  • durable base tray (green)
  • handy 24-cell tray liner (black)
  • transparent cover with ventilation vents (adjustable, to regulate humidity)
  • assembled tray dimensions: Length 38cm, Width 24cm, Depth 18cm.

A : Propagation Kits only
B : Propagation Kits + Jiffy Pellets + Vermiculite
C : Propagation Kits + Jiffy Pellets + Vermiculite + Seed Jump-Starter
Option Kits Jiffy Pellets Vermiculite Seed JumpStarter
2 / A 2
2 / B 2 48 x 30mm 100mL
2 / C 2 48 x 30mm 100mL 100mL
4 / A 4
4 / B 4 96 x 30mm 500mL
4 / C 4 96 x 30mm 500mL 100mL

Details About Optional Extras (available in this listing)

  • 30mm Coir Jiffy® pellets: Made of a premium coir substrate, provide the optimal environment for seed germination as well as a stress-free transplant. For more information, check out our range of Coir Jiffy® pellets.
  • GP Vermiculite: Assists in improving germination by maintaining more stable moisture around the seed, as well as a light covering, for emerging seedlings to push through. For more information, check out our GP Vermiculite.
  • seed Jump-Starter™: A natural and organic seed and plant stimulant used successfully in stimulating strong germination of most seed varieties and promoting healthy growth of seedlings. For more information, check out seed Jump-Starter™.

Seed Sowing Instructions

  • Most seeds are best started off as seedlings in Jiffy® pellets, before planting into pots or the garden
  • For instructions on how to use Jiffy® compressed coir pellets, please see our Seed Sowing Guide for Jiffy Pellets
  • Easy to follow seed propagation notes are provided with all seeds purchased from The Climbing Fig

What am I Purchasing?

  • Premium Plant Propagation Kits, of selected pack size and kit options

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Marie Korfmaker (SA)
Excellent product

i have been very succesful since I started using your product. I used to use the little ones which were big enough to put in
the bathroom window, the sun gets through there in the morning. Within 4 days they started to come up. your product was
even better within a couple of days they came up slightly. I wonder if it was the kind of pots you used and send with the product.
thank you so much both my grand daughter and I were very happy seeing them grow.

grant (SA)

After many failed attempts & waisted jiffy pots, i recentlly looked into seed germinating in greenhouses. Not wanting a very big unit i found these mini unit's.
Well so far so good definitely inproved germination rates. Ialso love their portability as i put the in the shed on colder nights, & move them around the yard
Not 100% success rate( weather conditions etc) but overall much inproved!!!