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Tree Guards with/without Bamboo Stakes

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Landscape tree guards, used widely in the urban horticulture, farming & rural and revegetation sectors, across Australia. Tree guards are a great choice when establishing relatively small plants (often tube-stock) in large open spaces, in natural habitats, or for revegetation and/or erosion-control purposes, as the tree guards provide a safety barrier for the young plants. Tree guards assist in successful plant establishment, often in difficult environments, by helping to reduce biotic (i.e. keep vermin out) and abiotic (i.e. reduce salt-spray, evapotranspiration) stresses, and providing an improved (sheltered) greenhouse environment to nurture young plants.

These tree guards are available either on their own or as part of a set with bamboo stakes. Each set, if selected, includes 1 tree guard with 3 green bamboo stakes that are 600mm tall and 8-10mm thick.

What we love

  • Protection - shield young plants from harsh winds/sea spray and pests
  • Nurturing - for young plants by providing greenhouse micro-climate
  • Tough & Versatile - made of UV-stabilised plastic, hence durable and reusable
  • Practical - easy to install and cost-effective revegetation solution

Product Details and Specifications

Tree Guards
  • Height: 450mm
  • Width/diameter: 350mm
  • Made of UV-stabilised LDPE 50gsm density
  • Translucent green appearance with GCP branding printed on each guard
  • Supplied folded flat
  • Available as guard only, or as a set with 3 x bamboo stakes
Bamboo Stakes (if selected)
  • LENGTH - The stakes in this listing are approximately 600mm long, which means they can be pushed ~150mm deep into the ground and still support the full length of the 450mm tall tree guards. If you are using these in sandy (or really loose soil) environments, consideration should be given to using longer stakes (i.e. 750mm).
  • THICKNESS - The 8-10mm thick stakes are heavy duty. In regions with higher wind such as coastal rehabilitation applications, we recommend using a super heavy duty 10-12mm thick stake.
  • TREATED - The stakes in this listing are treated (green) to ensure maximum durability, particularly in wet climates, where natural (untreated) bamboo stakes are typically less durable. The durability of treated stakes is recommended for use with tree guards for the purpose of landscape revegetation.
  • TREE GUARD SETS - if a bamboo stake option is selected at the time of purchase, three green bamboo stakes are supplied with each tree guard, to form a complete tree guard set.
  • As with any naturally derived products, there may be small variations in dimensions of the stakes of the same style and between styles. These stakes are nursery grade and intended for use in landscape applications, therefore the ends are rough sawn and some stakes may have sharp/imperfect edges.
  • Dimensions relating to stake thickness are provided directly from our industry leading supplier, with most stakes falling within the provided range. It should be noted, due to natural supplier related variations in grading, that it is not uncommon for a small proportion of stakes within a given category to be slightly thinner or thicker than that indicated on the label and/or listing. Additionally, stake grading thickness is measured at the thick end of the stake and due to the tapered nature of bamboo, the thin end may be slightly thinner than labelled.

Please refer to the relevant photo in the gallery to see the appearance and dimensions of these tree guards and stakes.

If you have a specific request or would like to clarify any specific details, please message us before making a purchase to ensure this item will meet your requirements.

What am I Purchasing?

  • Tree Guards, of selected pack size and type (as tree guards only OR as a set with bamboo stakes)

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous (QLD)
Great product!

I had some very fragile saplings that needed protection. Once I set the guards up, they have doubled in size and are doing very well. The wind had been knocking them around but not now! Very quick and easy transaction. Very speedy delivery too. Very happy and will buy from this seller again.

sari cuce (VIC)
Tree guards

Product arrived promptly quality excellent have ordered a second batch possibly order more in the future

Phillip Glover (TAS)
Tree guards

Prompt deliver good quality product will be ordering more