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30mm Jiffy-7 Coir Pellets

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These small (30mm) Jiffy® pellets are a commercial grade compressed coir pellet suitable for seed and cutting propagation of a wide range of plant varieties. Genuine Jiffy®-7 compressed coir pellets are suitable for a range of horticultural applications including:

  • Seed Propagation - produces compact, uniform and hardy seedlings with improved germination and transplanting.
  • Cutting Propagation - ideal for the vegetative propagation of many softwood plant varieties.
  • Other applications - suitable for many other horticultural applications including hydroponics.

As the name suggests Jiffy®-7 compressed coir pellets are made of compressed coir. For the germination of most plant varieties, coir is generally more suitable than common peat as coir is lighter (enabling germinating seedlings to push through easier) has improved air-filled porosity and a lower EC.

Jiffy®-7 pellets provide the convenience of optimal water retention, therefore generally require watering once every few days, unlike sand, vermiculite and peat mixes which require frequent watering. The range of Jiffy®-7 products including pellets are a professional grade product used widely by the nursery industry in Australia. For instructions on how to use these Jiffy® compressed coir pellets, please see our Seed Sowing Guide for Jiffy Pellets.

What we love

  • Premium coir substrate (superior to peat) ideal for propagation
  • Optimal moisture retention suitable for germination
  • Balanced air-filled porosity
  • Produces compact, uniform and hardy seedlings
  • Decreased crop-cycle time & provides stress-free transplanting

Product Details & Specifications

  • Jiffy®-7 pellets are made of premium compressed coir packed into a fine teabag-like mesh
  • The 30mm Jiffy®-7 pellets are approximately 26mm(W) by 12mm(H) whilst compressed and expand to approximately 33mm(W) by 33mm(H), once soaked in water

What am I Purchasing?

  • 30mm Jiffy®-7 Compressed coir pellets, of selected pack type