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50mm Black Plastic Net Pots for Hydroponics, Orchids & Aquariums

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Premium nursery grade 50mm round plastic net pots, made in Germany. These durable plastic pots are commonly used in hydroponics, as well as in the propagation and cultivation of aquatic plants, orchids, epiphytes and many other plant varieties. These tube pots measure approximately 50 x 50mm round at the top, stand 50mm tall and hold a nominal volume of 70mL.

What we love

  • Made of durable plastic in Germany, a cost-effective option for holding individual plants in hydroponics.
  • Jiffy pellets are often used inside these net pots to provide a substrate for growing plants - as appropriate
  • These pots are produced in Germany from a durable black plastic, therefore ensuring pots can be reused. These plastic pots are used widely across the nursery industry in Australia.

Product Details & Specifications

These tube pots:

  • Measure approximately 50 x 50mm round at the top and stand 50mm tall
  • Hold a nominal volume of 70mL
  • Are made of a durable black plastic

What am I Purchasing?

  • 50mm Black Plastic Hydroponic Net Pots, of selected pack size