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Ezi-Root Propagation Hormone 1 Litre Cloning Gel

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Ezi-Root is a scientifically formulated rooting hormone that provides a superior strike of cuttings - both hardwood and softwood. Ezi-root is faster and more effective than most conventional hormone preparations, and until now, has only been available to commercial growers. This unique hormone formulation comes as a ready-to-use gel, and be used directly (without dilution) to improve the vegetative propagation (cuttings) of a range of plant species. In some propagation applications, the use of a premium gel like Ezi-Root can be advantageous, as the active ingredients (IAA, IBA and fungicide) are retained at the base of a cutting for a longer duration, providing improved bioactivity, and ultimately improved results.

Please note this is a commercial grade product (registered with the APVMA), therefore must be used in compliance with the product label (as provided in the photo gallery, and/or the bottle).

What we love

  • Esi-Root has been scientifically researched and proven to be effective in improving plant propagation. Some of the advantages include:
  • Two hormones - contains NAA as well as IBA. Research shows that a combination of these two plant hormones is generally more effective across a wider range of species than IBA alone, which is common is most rooting gels and powders.
  • Fungicide - the incorporation of a broad-spectrum fungicide that reduces the likelihood of cross contamination between cuttings and also ensures the cuttings are planted out wit minimal microbial contamination
  • No Alcohol - unlike many gels, Ezi-Root doesn't use alcohol to dissolve the hormone, therefore is non-phytotoxic to plants. The effective delivery system used in Esi-Root requires a lower concentration of hormones, thus reducing the risk of burning, further increasing the strike rate.
  • Wetting Agent - helps break down surface tension, wax and sap, resulting in more effective delivery of the hormones to the cutting.
  • Widely Researched & Trialled - Ezi-Root has been extensively researched and trialled, and is used on a wide range of natives and exotics, for both softwood and hardwood cuttings.

Application Information

  • Place gel to be used for dipping into a small container to a depth of up to 15mm. Dip the cutting end into the gel to a depth of 15mm for at least 15 seconds. More detailed application information can be found on the product label, a photo of which is provided in the photo gallery.

What am I Purchasing?

  • 1 Litre Bottle of Ezi-Root Rooting Hormone Gel, of selected pack size