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190mm Tough Garden Snipper Picker Trimmer & Secateur

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Designed and manufactured by Chikamasa in Japan, these are the leading industrial grade snipper/trimmer/picker used in the production and urban horticulture sectors, globally. The hardened durable carbon steel blades deliver a precise cut, every time.

These 190mm snipper pickers are highly versatile and great for:

  • Bonsai - trimming branches and roots
  • Floristry - picking flowers and preparing arrangements
  • Gardening - general trimming around the garden
  • Propagation - great for preparing soft and semi-hardwood cuttings

Unlike the aluminium handled snippers that look great but eventually bend and twist and before long are unable to deliver a clean and crisp cut, these 190mm snippers are not the sexiest out there, but they are reliable and effective. These commercial grade snippers are used widely across the Australian horticulture industry.

What we love

  • Made of durable carbon steel alloy making the snipper easy to clean
  • The hardened steel blade provides a sharp and clean cut, particularly important for propagation
  • The strong spring mechanism and ergonomic handles are an effective but light-weight design

What am I Purchasing?

  • 190mm Garden Snips, of selected pack size