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Instant Raised Garden Beds

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The Instant Garden Bed™ Range provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional garden beds and is sure to provide superior results, due to its highly innovative design. The garden beds are suitable for growing most types of plants, including flowers, herbs and vegetables. The garden beds are made from a premium industrial-grade geo-textile fabric, that provides enhanced root-zone aeration (air-filled porosity) as well as natural drainage.

The days of having to spend $200+ for a single steel garden bed, only to watch it rust (a few weeks after fertilising) are now over. Similarly, there is also no longer a need to get the chainsaw out to slave away at a mountain of railway sleepers or treated-pine, just to build a garden bed. Unlike the majority of timber and steel garden beds, the beds in the Instant Garden Bed™ Range incorporate a base (made of the same geotextile fabric, stitched to the bottom of the bed), which means lawn grubs and other root damaging insects cannot crawl up through the base of the garden bed, to damage your budding crop.

Finally, and some may say most importantly, the Instant Garden Bed™ Range not only produce excellent results, but they also look great. It is no coincidence these garden beds are the same colour as our logo - these garden beds are made exclusively for The Climbing Fig™, and have been designed to ensure they are optimally suited to Australian conditions, unlike the inferior black fabric garden beds that simply get too hot and dry out.

What we love

  • Convenient - quick and easy to set-up, plant & grow.
  • Durable - made from high-density, UV-stabilised geotextile fabric.
  • Breathable - the geotextile fabric provides excellent drainage & air circulation.
  • Versatile - easy to empty, pack-away, and set-up again, great for kids and rentals.
  • Safe - no sharp edges or timber/steel treatment chemicals to seep into your crop.

The natural choice for your next garden bed.

Filling the Garden Beds

For quick and easy instructions on how to setup your garden bed and use a Tropicoir nursery-grade compressed coir block, please refer to the following video.

We recommend filling the beds in the Instant Garden Bed Range with premium potting-mix, coir or other lightweight gardening substrate. We do not recommend the use of garden soil. A popular option is to use a couple of bags of potting-mix (to get the sand and coarse bark), and blend it with a premium coir, like the Compressed Coir Block we stock.

For a range of premium potting mix additives including water-holding crystals, slow-release fertilisers and substrates including coir & vermiculite, check out the propagation section of our online store, or message us if you are after large quantities and we can tailor a package to meet your needs.

Product Details and Specifications

Pack options include (also refer to the relevant table in the gallery):

  • A: 1 x Large Instant Garden Bed™
  • B: 2 x Large Instant Garden Beds™
  • C: 3 x Large Instant Garden Beds™
  • D: 4 x Large Instant Garden Beds™ + FREE 400g of EnduraMAX™ TE high analysis slow release fertiliser
  • N: 1 x Regular Instant Garden Bed™
  • O: 2 x Regular Instant Garden Beds™
  • P: 3 x Regular Instant Garden Beds™
  • Q: 4 x Regular Instant Garden Beds™
  • R: 5 x Regular Instant Garden Beds™
  • S: 6 x Regular Instant Garden Beds™ + FREE 400g of EnduraMAX™ TE high analysis slow release fertiliser

In the Instant Garden Bed Range, the Regular (this garden bed) has a nominal volume of 126 litres, width of 80cm and height of 25cm, once filled. Please note these are approximate specifications, and small variations are possible. The garden beds are supplied folded. Please refer to the third image in this listing for a detailed comparison of size related specifications. Please note these are fabric garden beds and when setting-up will require a soft surface underneath the bed, free of rocks.

If you are after something you can move when the garden bed is full, you might be interested in our Woven Planter Bag Range (also available from our online store), with planter bag sizes up to 1,500 Litres.

What am I Purchasing?

  • Instant Garden Bed, of selected type & pack size
  • Receive a BONUS 400 grams of EnduraMAX TE high analysis slow release fertiliser when you purchase 6 x Regular Instant Garden Beds OR 4 x Large Instant Garden Beds (in the same transaction)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great results - fast

Easy to set up and fill. Planted seeds and seedlings and within a very short period of time-much shorter than expected - seeds propagated and seedlings flourished. Used a good quality growing medium and complimentary fertiliser supplies. Even vegetable cuttings took off. A recommended product.

Deb (NSW)
Love these

I bought 2 of these grow bags and was not disappointed with the size. They are huge. Definitely going to be buying more in the near future. So easy to use. Lightweight. Perfect to store when not using. Fits so many vegetables in them. Get some!


great idea!