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60mm Jiffy Pots SQUARE With Drainage

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Biodegradable 60mm Jiffy® square pots for seed and cutting propagation. The convenient 60mm pot size is great for flowers, vegetables and herbs, and to avoid shock during transplant. Jiffy® pots are made of a compressed peat and wood-fibre composition and are suitable for a range of horticultural applications including:

  • Seed Propagation - ideal for producing compact, uniform and hardy seedlings with improved germination and transplanting.
  • Cutting Propagation - ideal for the vegetative propagation of many softwood and semi-hardwood plant varieties.
  • Other applications - also suitable for many other horticultural applications including hydroponics.

These pots can be filled with a range of potting media depending on the intended purpose. For seedling propagation, a coir or seed-raising mix is generally advisable, whereas succulents generally require a sandier mix with increased drainage. Whether you are after seedling trays to place the pots in, coir to fill them, vermiculite to cover seeds or high quality seeds of premium varieties to begin with, be sure to visit our growing range of professional grade products at our store.

These Jiffy® pots have 4 basal drainage slits (approx 6 x 20mm) which provide ample drainage during propagation and enable roots to grow out of the pots once the plant (together with the pot) is planted in the garden or a larger pot. These Jiffy® pots are biodegradable, therefore within 3 - 8 weeks of transplanting (depending on soil moisture and temperature), the pots will eventually breakdown, enabling the plant to be established in its new environment, without the need to expose the plant to transplant shock as a result of removing a plastic pot.

The range of Jiffy® products including pots and pellets are professional grade products used widely by the nursery industry in Australia and around the world and have been accredited to the highest horticultural standards including RHP Certification.

What we love

  • Premium biodegradable peat and wood-fibre composition
  • Optimal moisture retention suitable for germination
  • Balanced air-filled porosity
  • Produces compact, uniform and hardy seedlings
  • Decreased crop-cycle time & provides stress-free transplanting

Product Details & Specifications

  • Jiffy® pots are made of a premium biodegradable peat and wood-fibre composition
  • Pots are approximately 59mm (W) by 57mm (H)

What am I Purchasing?

  • Square Jiffy® pots (60mm), of selected pack size

Customer Reviews

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Max Bancroft (NSW)
Jiffy Pots are an excellent product

I propagate cuttings in Jiffy Pots then place them in a plastic tray which they exactly fit, sitting in a 5mm of water.
By giving them a daily drink for a few weeks the cutting grows roots which poke out of the jiffy pot from every drainage hole.
They are then ready to be planted in my garden, as is.