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50mm Round BLACK Plastic Tube Pots

Premium nursery grade 50mm round plastic tube pots (most commonly used for tubestock) ideal for propagation from seed or cuttings of a range of plants, including natives, grasses, shrubs, trees and other horticultural uses.

These tubes are suitable for use with either a Standard Seedling Tray, or the green base tray that comes with our Plant Propagation Kit, with each option fitting 35 and 32 tubes, respectively.

What we love

  • Improved drainage at the base of each pot (also suitable for bottom-up irrigation setups)
  • Improved root development with vertical ridges on the inside of each pot ensuring roots are directed down instead of circular growth
  • Plants are easier to remove from these pots at planting due to the tapered slimline design
  • These pots are produced right here in Australia from a durable black plastic, therefore ensuring pots can be reused. These plastic pots are used widely across the nursery industry in Australia.

Product Details & Specifications

These tube pots:

  • Measure approximately 50mm at the top, 40mm at the bottom and stand 71mm tall
  • Hold approximately 110mL of seed-raising mix
  • Are made of a durable black plastic

What am I Purchasing?

  • 50mm Round Black Plastic Tube Pots, of selected pack size

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