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50-Cell BLACK Seedling Plug Trays

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Professional grade 50-cell Seedling Plug Trays made of thermoformed PP plastic. A convenient and cost-effective propagation solution proven to produce compact, uniform and hardy seedlings.

These black plug trays measure 540mm(L) x 280mm(W) x 46mm(H), with a cell volume of 73mL, therefore each tray requires approximately 3.6L of fine seed-raising mix, providing significant savings in propagation mix.

The large cell size makes these trays ideal for growing ornamental grasses, or more advanced plugs, and is also suitable for use with a range of Jiffy® Pots & Pellets.

In commercial propagation facilities, when high quality seeds are sown, germination results above 95% are routinely achieved with these trays. Please keep in mind, these trays are not a substitute for poor propagation technique, however, under the right conditions, they can achieve exceptional germination results.

There are 50 cells in each tray. The individual cells are relatively large for a plug tray (50mm x 50mm x 46mm tall), therefore can produce quite large plants, before they need to be transplanted.

What we love

  • Cost effective seed propagation trays
  • Suitable for use with Jiffy pots and pellets
  • Tapered cell design with wide diameter hole at base for easy seedling removal
  • Suitable for use in commercial propagation facilities

Product Details & Specifications

  • Seedling trays measure 540mm(L) x 280mm(W) x 46mm(H)
  • Each tray has 50-cells measuring 50mm x 50mm x 46mm tall
  • Individual cell volume of 73mL

What am I Purchasing?

  • 50-Cell Black Seedling Plug Trays, of selected pack size

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