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40-Cell Air Pruning Plastic Trays with 40mm CLEAR Tube Pot Sets

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When it comes to precision propagation of sensitive plant varieties including many fern, orchid and other indoor plant varieties, the use of translucent pots has in recent years become best-practice, due to a range of advantages over opaque pots including:

  • Increased light penetration into the root-zone reduces the likelihood of many plant diseases
  • Encourage dense and healthy rootzone development
  • Enables inspection of root zone without disturbing young plants

The 40mm clear plastic tubes we have on offer here are a commercial grade product with internal sidewall root-guides, ample drainage, quality Australian fabrication, and are typically only available to commercial plant tube stock growers.

These 40mm clear plastic tubes, are compatible with our premium nursery grade air-pruning trays (40-cell), also produced right here in Australia. In addition to the convenience of being able to move/carry 40 tubes at a time, when air-pruning trays are used with the 40mm plastic tube pots (40x40x80mm), the base of the tube sits approximately 10 - 15mm from the ground, providing:

  • Improved drainage
  • Improved air-circulation
  • More fibrous root-system as the roots which reach the bottom of the tube are air-pruned.

The rigid plastic air-pruning trays (405x260x65mm) together with the tube pots are highly durable and are therefore used widely across the nursery industry in Australia.

The 40mm clear plastic tubes are generally most suited for use in shaded greenhouse facilities, with elevated levels of humidity. If you are planning to use these tubes at home, we recommend the use of our Propagation Kit (refer to image 3).

What am I Purchasing?

Selected pack type of either:

  • Pack A - 3 air-pruning trays and 120 tubes
  • Pack B - 3 air-pruning trays without any tubes
  • Pack C - 24 tubes without any trays
  • Pack D - 40 tubes without any trays
  • Pack E - 80 tubes without any trays
  • Pack F - 112 tubes without any trays
  • Pack G - 120 tubes without any trays
  • Pack H - 360 tubes without any trays
  • Pack I - 735 tubes without any trays

Customer Reviews

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Daniel B (QLD)
Great for seedlings

Have used it for a few seedlings and so far it's been great. Really easy to see the roots so I know exactly when to transfer them to a bigger pot. Only downside is having to refill each tube.