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250mm Round BLACK Plastic Pot Saucers

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Premium, Australian made, nursery grade 250mm round black plastic saucers. These saucers have a smooth gloss finish, a rounded-edge (lip) and are suitable for pots with a basal diameter under 198mm. Most commonly, these saucers are used at the base of standard 8 - 10 nursery pots (200 - 250mm).

These saucers have an outer diameter of approximately 232mm at the top of the saucer (internal diameter of 205mm at the top), a basal diameter of 203mm, height of 35mm and hold 1,200mL.

What we love

  • TOUGH - made of rigid UV-stabilised plastic, therefore durable & reusable
  • PRACTICAL - suitable for plastic pots with a basal diameter less than 198mm
  • VERSATILE - protect house and garden surfaces from pot drainage
  • CONVENIENT - if going-away, excess water can be placed in saucer to provide self-watering function

The saucers are produced right here in Australia from a durable black plastic, therefore ensuring saucers can be reused. These plastic saucers are used widely across the nursery industry in Australia.

What am I Purchasing?

  • 250mm Black Plastic Pot Saucers, of selected pack size