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Vinca Bright Pink Seeds

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The variety Vinca Bright Pink produces spectacularly bright pink (magenta) flowers contrasted against deep green glossy foliage on the compact plants, producing a very elegant and classy garden specimen. Vincas are commonly grown in mass-plantings where they provide beautiful feature colour, and can also be grown easily in pots. The brilliant flowers of Vinca Bright Pink are amongst the largest of all the Vinca varieties and are sure to impress everyone from the most experienced garden critics through to beginners. This variety is famous for producing particularly long-lasting floral displays, unlike some of the more traditional heirloom varieties. Vinca Bright Pink is an improved selection of the species of Catharanthus roseus.

Advantages of Vinca Bright Pink

  • Spectacularly bright magenta flowers
  • Easy to grow and used in massed displays
  • Attracts butterflies and birds
  • Long lasting flower and extended flowering season (spring through to autumn)


  • 50 - 60cm height at maturity
  • 30 - 40cm apart is suitable planting distance
  • Prefers full sun but will grow in part shade
  • Suitable for pots and will grow in most regions of Australia
  • Hardy flowering annual

Seed Sowing Instructions

  • Easy to follow seed propagation notes are provided with every seed purchase
  • Seeds of this variety are best started in seed raising mix or Jiffy® pellets before planting into the garden

What am I Purchasing?

  • Premium seeds of Vinca Bright Pink
  • Easy to follow seed propagation notes

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