Strawberry Mimi's Trailblazer Seeds

The variety Strawberry Mimi's TrailBlazer is a modern hybrid strawberry variety bred to incorporate the very best strawberry traits, not to mention the tastiest strawberries imaginable. This trailing variety produces large, bright red fruit, which actually taste the way strawberries should! Fragrant, sweet and juicy with a smooth texture, unlike the rubbery pulp the supermarkets call strawberries these days! Strawberry Mimi's TrailBlazer is a repeat harvesting variety which means it is constantly fruiting, and as a result is constantly covered with the beautiful white flowers providing cheerful colour around the vege garden, pot, or hanging basket.

Strawberry Mimi's TrailBlazer is a trailing variety, which means the plants have a prostrate habit and spread, and when planted in a pot can hang and grow downwards, providing a spectacular fountain of fruit! This variety was selected from a strawberry farm in Queensland, where this variety was identified to have a prostrate growing habit. The variety Strawberry Mimi's TrailBlazer is one of the earlier fruiting varieties of strawberry, which is both long-lived, and a strong producer, which is sure to provide an extremely rewarding experience for any gardener.

Like all strawberry varieties, Strawberry Mimi's TrailBlazer will require a sunny spot in the garden and for the leaves to remain dry during watering. The use of mulch around strawberry plants can assist in keeping fruit fresh and preventing fruit from rotting as a result of sitting on wet soil. Strawberry Mimi's TrailBlazer is generally pest and disease resistant if the leaves are kept dry, however the bigger challenge will be keeping adventurous birds from devouring the fruits of your labour!

Advantages of Strawberry Mimi's TrailBlazer

  • Early fruiting variety
  • Large fruit - excellent for home-gardeners
  • Sweet and juicy bright red smooth flesh
  • Extremely heavy yielding trailing variety, with months of continual harvesting
  • Generally healthy plant, provided it has sufficient nutrition, particularly calcium and phosphorus


  • 20 - 30cm height at maturity
  • 40 - 60cm apart is suitable planting distance
  • Requires full sun
  • Will grow in most regions of Australia but can develop mildews in continually humid weather
  • Hardy Spring, Summer, Autumn fruit (avoid winter frosts)

What am I Purchasing?

  • Premium seeds of Strawberry Mimi's TrailBlazer
  • Easy to follow seed propagation notes