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Small Stainless Steel Garden Snips

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Small garden snips ideal for fine delicate work, with the loop handles providing improved control, ensuring you deliver a precise cut, every time. The hardened blades are super sharp and will remain that way, thanks to the premium stainless steel fabrication, that also has the advantage of being easy to clean.

These small garden snips are a must for every keen gardener and are great for:

  • Bonsai - trimming fine branches and roots
  • Floristry - picking fine flowers and preparing arrangements
  • Gardening - general light-weight trimming around the garden
  • Propagation - great for preparing softwood cuttings

These small garden snips are a popular choice amongst gardeners, particularly bonsai enthusiasts which enjoy the convenience of being able to simply rinse the snips clean after a morning of trimming and potting, without worrying about rust or sap damaging your favourite gardening tool.

What we love

  • Ideal for fine delicate work
  • Loop handles provide improved control
  • Hardened precise stainless steel blade making the snipper easy to clean
  • The toughened steel blade provides a sharp and clean cut, particularly important for propagation
  • The loop handles mean a spring is not required, ensuring trouble free operation

Product Details and Specifications

  • The length of the closed snippers is 160mm with the machined blade component extending approximately 35mm
  • Weight approximately 61g
  • This small garden snip is highly versatile in a range of lightweight applications and is not recommended for trimming of hardwood plant material. For trimming of thicker material such as hardwood cuttings, check out our popular Tough Garden Snipper Picker Trimmer (also available from our online store).

What am I Purchasing?

  • Small Garden Snip, of selected pack size