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Staedtler Tradition Graphite Pencil B Lead

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This high quality German made Staedtler Tradition graphite pencil is easy to sharpen and erase with high resistance to breakage thanks to the special lead formula and bonded lead. This premium graphite pencil has a B lead, which is suitable for countless uses around the home and garden.

This highly versatile pencil is suitable for use on many surfaces including:

  • GENERAL - versatile uses typical of a graphite B pencil;
  • HOME & GARDEN - bonded 2mm B lead provides great performance;
  • PLANT LABELS - whilst may be suitable (depending on label type), best to use Lumocolor permanent pencil

What we love

  • Premium graphite pencil
  • Easy to sharpen and erase with high resistance to breakage
  • Incredibly break resistant thanks to special lead formula and bonded lead

Product Details & Specifications

  • The Staedtler Tradition Graphite pencils are a standard pencil size (8 x 174mm) with a strong 2mm lead core, providing heaps of staying power when it comes to meeting your marking needs. At The Climbing Fig™ we have used these pencils for many years around the office and inside our packing facilities, and like many other satisfied customers, can vouch for their strong-performance.
  • If you have a specific request or would like to clarify any specific details, please message us before making a purchase to ensure this item will meet your requirements. Additional information about this product is available on the Staedtler website.
  • This listing is for Staedtler Tradition Graphite pencils only and excludes any plants such as those provided in the photos for illustrative purposes.

What am I Purchasing?

  • Staedtler Tradition B Lead Graphite Pencil, of selected pack size