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Small Orchid Plant Clips in DARK GREEN plastic

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After many months, if not years of hard work, your orchid plants are on the cusp of filling your heart with the joy of enjoying your own orchid flowers. To ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your orchids its usually advisable to stake the flower panicles of most varieties, particularly Dendrobium and Phaelaenopsis varieties. These varieties generally only require a lightweight stake, typically pencil width (3.5-6mm). The small orchid plant clips we have on offer here are a quick and easy option to effectively attach the orchid panicles onto a support stake.

These premium orchid plant clips are widely used for:

  • supporting orchid panicles onto 3.5-6mm bamboo stakes
  • attaching fine delicate plants to support (trellis) wire/s in production nurseries
  • training young plants including bonsai (depending on the requirements of each variety)

What we love

  • DURABLE - UV stabilised plastic clip with wire spring
  • PROFESSIONAL - used widely by horticulture industry
  • VERSATILE - suitable for orchids and other plants

Product Details and Specifications

  • Approximate opening dimensions when not affixed, max distance between handles (18mm), max width of opening hands (14mm), maximum open depth (7mm), hence these clips are suitable for stems that are less than 7mm in diameter, and also for use with stakes with a similar maximum width of 7mm in diameter.
  • Height: 12mm
  • Spring: wire
  • If you are not familiar with these wire popular orchid clips, or if you have a specific request or would like to clarify any specific details, please message us before making a purchase to ensure this item will meet your requirements. If you are working with more mature plants including bonsai trees, you might require a different type of clip, depending on your particular application.
  • This listing is for plastic plant clips only and excludes any plants such as those provided in the photos for illustrative purposes.

What am I Purchasing?

  • Small Orchid Plant Clips, of selected pack size

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