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SaturaMAX Water Holding Crystals / Granules

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  • SaturaMAX premium long life water storing crystals are very helpful for the time-poor recreational gardener and professional gardener alike as an appropriate application of SaturaMAX in the root zone (pot or garden) can increase water retention properties of garden soil or potting mix, substantially, therefore reducing water wastage and extending the time between watering.

    SaturaMAX granules maintain more consistent soil moisture by expanding up to 250x and storing and releasing moisture, to maintain balanced soil moisture.

    Common†Application - Seedling Transplant: When planting out seedlings into garden beds, the root zone of seedlings generally only extend 2 - 5cm deep. For most sandy and loamy soils, within hours of watering, most of the moisture sinks deep into subsurface, a depth the roots of young seedling cannot reach. By sprinkling a small amount of SaturaMAX into the soil before planting, much higher levels of moisture are retained in the root zone of the seedling, therefore improving plant establishment and survival rates.

    SaturaMAX is suitable for most plant types including, turf grass, flowers & ornamentals, fruit trees, vegetable crops as well as bonsai and seedlings (at lower application rates). SaturaMAX crystals are made of a new generation matrix which provides moisture buffering capabilities as well as the ability to absorb, hold and release nutrients, therefore helping growers avoid surges and leaching of important plant nutrients which belong in your pots or garden soil, not in our precious waterways.

    SaturaMAX TE is a professional grade product used widely by the nursery industry in Australia.

    What we love about SaturaMAX

    • Improves plant establishment and survival rates
    • Reduces water wastage & extends times between watering
    • Moisture release profile closely matches plant nutrient requirements
    • Crystals hold up to 250x of their own weight in water
    • Formulated to absorb, hold and release liquid nutrients
    • Suitable for a wide range of plants
    • Great value for money
    • Safe, reliable & easy to use
    • Premium long life product with rated life of 4 years
    • Professional grade product used widely by the nursery industry


    • SaturaMAX is packaged exclusively for The Climbing Fig into resealable LDPE bags. As the raw material for SaturaMAX is generally only available to wholesale plant growers in Australia, the product is not available in plastic-tubs, but instead packaged into resealable LDPE bags for ease of transport and use.

    What am I Purchasing?

    • SaturaMAX premium water holding crystals, of selected pack size
  • For indicative application rates, refer to the tables below or the fourth image in the gallery.

    General Application Rate

    Garden Situation Application Rate
    Potting Mix 10 grams per 10L of potting mix
    Pots & Containers 10 grams per 10L of potting mix
    Hanging Baskets 10 grams per 10L of potting mix
    Garden Beds 25 grams per square metre (m2)
    Turf (planting rolls) 20 grams per m2 before laying turf
    Lawns (seed grown) 20 grams per m2 mixed into seed base
    Garden Seedlings 20 grams per m2 mixed into seed base

    Transplanting Application Rate

    Transplanting Situation Application Rate
    up to 140 mm pot size 1 - 3 grams mixed in with planting soil
    140 - 200 mm pot size 5 grams mixed in with planting soil
    200 - 300 mm pot size 10 grams mixed in with planting soil
    Larger pot size 1 gram per litre of potting mix