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PLANT Jump-Starter Bottle

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  • Plant Jump-Starter™ is an entirely natural and organic plant stimulant used successfully in the cultivation of a very wide range of plant varieties to improve plant health, growth, yields and overall performance. Plant Jump-Starter™ contains a range of naturally occurring compounds including plant hormones that have been shown to have a beneficial impact on improving plant establishment, including during seed germination, seedling transplant, propagation or just simply repotting. Strong establishment of plants is the foundation for long-term plant health and is also critical in ensuring plants perform well throughout their various growth stages.

    The detailed mode-of-action description for Plant Jump-Starter™ is outlined in the Technical Details section (below). In short, the success of Plant Jump-Starter™ in promoting vigorous growth in a range of plants (including herbs, vegetables, flowers, trees and other ornamentals) is a result of the stimulants in Plant Jump-Starter™ triggering vigorous root development that results in better nutrient uptake and directly leads to not only healthier plant growth, but also increased disease resistance and heavier plant yields.

    Plant Jump-Starter™ is available exclusively through The Climbing Fig.

    What we love

    • Stimulates strong root development, therefore improving establishment of plants during stressful periods such as transplanting or environmental stresses caused by a range of factors such as temperature or pests & diseases.
    • Promotes healthy growth in a wide range of plants, ensuring heavier flowering (and fruiting where applicable) throughout the season
    • Improved plant health ensures increased resistance to pests and diseases
    • Improved root system development

    Technical Details

    Plant Jump-Starter™ is a naturally derived complex that does not contain any synthetic compounds such as those found in common chemical fertiliser products. Instead, Plant Jump-Starter contains an extensive list of phytoactive compounds (compounds that efficiently elicit desirable physiological plant responses) including:

    • Phytoactive compounds, including natural PGR's (plant growth regulators, such as auxins and cytokinins)
    • Nutrition, including bioactive macronutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium (N, P, K) and more than 8 trace-elements
    • Amino acids, proteins and vitamins

    Improvements in root system development in plants treated with Plant Jump-Starter™ is due to adventitious root initiation and development, triggered by the optimal ratio of auxins to cytokinins contained in Plant Jump-Starter™. Increased root-tip development also has been shown to increase the plant-uptake of calcium, which strengthens cell walls, providing increased resistance to both biotic (pests and diseases) and abiotic (drought, frost and similar) stresses.

    Similarly the impact of Plant Jump-Starter on breaching dormancy in bulbs and also resulting in increased flower yields and sub-surface biomass accumulation is a result of well-understood biochemical pathways.

    The active ingredients of Plant Jump-Starter™ have been researched and studied in laboratories and in the field for more than a decade and this know-how is now available directly to plant enthusiasts in Australia, courtesy of The Climbing Fig.

    What am I Purchasing?

    • Ready-to-use spray bottle of Plant Jump-Starter™, of selected spray bottle size
  • This convenient spray bottle of Plant Jump-Starter™ has been formulated to the optimal dose required to stimulate healthy establishment and promote vigorous growth of a wide range of plants and is ready to use. Simply spray the leaves of plants at any stage of development as the product is entirely non-toxic. Repeat foliar applications can be applied fortnightly, as required.