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Naturale Green 5mm Decorative Pebbles

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Extensive range of specialty pebbles for use in small pots, particularly bonsai and terrariums. These premium pebbles are not only stylish and provide a sense of timeless elegance, but are also of the highest quality. All our pebbles are responsibly sourced, are thoroughly washed to remove any impurities such as salts and are tested to ensure they are chemically stable, as many cheaper pebbles often degrade releasing harmful compounds.

Plants being grown in small pots, particularly bonsai (and to a lesser extent, succulents) are particularly susceptible to leachate that may be released from inferior pebbles, therefore special attention needs to be given when selecting pebbles for these applications. The pebbles supplied by The Climbing Fig are also screened to eliminate fines, therefore reducing the extent of leachate release and also ensuring sufficient air-circulation in the root zone and the maintenance of sub-surface porosity.

What we love

  • Triple washed
  • Quality provenance
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Chemically stable
  • Suitable for live plants
  • Very stylish pebbles - not just gravel!

Pebble Coverage

It is generally advised that the optimal thickness of pebble coverage for pots should be 10 - 20mm. Exceedingly thick pebble coverage (>30mm) can lead to the compression of potting-media and the associated reduction in root-zone porosity, however a more normal thickness layer of pebbles is generally tolerated well.

As a general rule, pebble packs will be suitable for providing the following coverage:

  • Small Pack (100g) suitable for a very small pot (i.e. 7cm x 7cm, top of pot)
  • Medium Pack (200g) suitable for a small pot (i.e. 10cm x 10cm, top of pot)
  • Large Pack (400g) suitable for a typical bonsai pot (i.e. 12cm x 17cm, top of pot)

The precise coverage will vary from pebble-type to pebble-type, however as a general rule, smaller pebbles can cover a marginally larger area as it is possible to spread the pebbles more thinly.

Product Details and Specifications

The pebble specifications vary by pebble type however generally:

  • Consist of pebbles of a broadly uniform composition, shape and colour
  • May have natural variations between different packs from the same pebble type, therefore if you are anticipating covering a larger area, be sure to purchase all the anticipated pebbles at the same time
  • Important note: We do not recommend the use of these pebbles in aquariums or other similar environments

What am I Purchasing?

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