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MORUS ALBA White Mulberry Seeds

Morus Alba White Mulberry a hardy deciduous tree native to southwestern Asia has been cultivated for centuries across much of Europe and the Middle East. Whilst the Morus Alba White Mulberry tree does produce a small 15 - 20mm white-pink fruit which is similar to a blackberry (only white), the tree is more commonly grown for its ornamental appeal.

Morus Alba White Mulberry is a relatively quick growing medium-sized tree with a naturally rounded shape. The tree produces small mulberry fruits (not true berries) in Spring and into Summer and in Autumn the leaves of the tree gradually turn a banana yellow, before dropping to reveal the beautifully ornate architecture of the tree. Whilst Morus Alba White Mulberry will eventually produce fruit (year 3 onwards), we recommend this tree to be planted in large open areas where the tree can grow comfortably into a majestic specimen tree that will be appreciated for generations to come as this is an extremely long-lived tree. Morus Alba White Mulberry is also suitable as a bonsai, provided the germinated seeds are grown in a low-organic matter soil, to ensure the plant is not to vigorous. The tap-root should either be snipped or curled (J-rooted) within the first 8-weeks, to ensure the plant remains suitable for bonsai.

Advantages of Morus Alba White Mulberry

  • Beautiful Autumn colour
  • Highly ornamental rounded tree
  • Spectacular display for every season
  • Attractive landscaping variety
  • Fruit bearing in Spring & Summer
  • Suitable as a specimen for bonsai


  • 3 - 4 m height in the first 5 years, but can grow as tall as 8-10m over the years
  • This variety is generally planted as a feature at spacings greater than 5m
  • Prefers full sun aspect
  • Drought tolerant once established and highly frost tolerant
  • Suitable for pots but best grown in temperate regions of Australia
  • Hardy deciduous tree

Seed Sowing Instructions

  • Easy to follow seed propagation notes are provided with every seed purchase
  • Seeds of this variety are best started in seed raising mix or Jiffy® pellets before planting into the garden

What am I Purchasing?

  • Premium seeds of Morus Alba White Mulberry
  • Easy to follow seed propagation notes