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Kale Dwarf Siberian Improved Seeds

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Kale is fast becoming known as the Queen of Greens as Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables on earth, it is indeed a true super food. Not only does one cup of Kale contain less than 40 calories and zero fat, it also contains multiples of your entire daily vitamin requirement for key vitamins including A, C K as well as being rich in two major groups of antioxidants, the carotenoids and the flavonoids. Whilst the health benefits of Kale are undeniable, there are varieties that are easier to grow than others. The Dwarf Siberian variety of Kale has been a favourite of professional growers for many years as it remains kitchen ready, that is harvestable, for an extended period, whereas, more traditional varieties tend to bolt (go to seed), just as the plant is really producing its peak crop. This variety, Kale Dwarf Siberian Improved is an even more refined version, with a compact plant habit, extended harvest window and highly desirable leaves that are suitable for fresh salads like lettuce (younger leaves) as well as a range of health drinks and meals including stir-fry's. Kale Dwarf Siberian Improved is particularly well suited to Australian conditions and is a widely cultivated and recommended variety amongst professional vegetable growers as it will generally continue being harvested long after the more traditional varieties have called it a day (gone to flower)!

Advantages of Kale Dwarf Siberian Improved

  • Frilly blue green leaves
  • Ideal for salads, health drinks and range of meals
  • Generally disease resistant
  • Generally vigorous plant, provided it has sufficient nutrition, particularly calcium and phosphorus


  • 30 - 40cm height at maturity
  • 40 - 50cm apart is suitable planting distance
  • Requires full sun
  • Will grow in most regions of Australia (avoid humid environments)
  • Hardy Autumn, Winter, Spring vegetable

Seed Sowing Instructions

  • Easy to follow seed propagation notes are provided with every seed purchase
  • Seeds of this variety are best started in seed raising mix or Jiffy® pellets before planting into the garden

What am I Purchasing?

  • Premium seeds of Kale Dwarf Siberian Improved
  • Easy to follow seed propagation notes

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