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Jiffy Premium Fine Peat Moss Substrate

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The high organic content and attractive fine-textured physical properties make sphagnum peat moss a very useful ingredient in plant propagation, incorporating into potting mixes and even for improving soil quality; however, what is often misunderstood by those outside of the commercial horticulture industry is that most unameliorated peat mixes have a pH of around than 3.8, which is highly acidic, and not suitable for plant growth and can lead to necrosis (severe burn and eventual death) of leaves and young plants.

In contrast, the premium fine peat moss substrate we have here is a professional-grade fine peat substrate manufactured by Jiffy®, the leading plant propagation substrate supplier, globally. This premium peat substrate has had its pH buffered to 5.8 (ideal pH for most plants), has been screened to ensure only fine particles and fibres are present (making it ideal for propagation), is pest & disease-free and incorporates the award-winning Tref Base Fertiliser, providing essential N-P-K nutrients, as well as a full range of trace elements, important for healthy plant growth. This fine peat substrate is a premium professional-grade product widely used by the global horticulture industry, and has received the much coveted RHP - Certified for Horticulture rating.

This Jiffy® premium Fine Peat Substrate is suitable for many horticultural applications including:

  • General Purpose Potting - Simply use the peat as a regular potting mix. The peat is a lightweight mix (because it does not include bark or sand) and has a higher water holding capacity than cheap bark based potting mixes available from supermarkets and hardware stores. Many nurseries incorporate peat into commercial potting mixes to improve substrate properties, including texture, CEC and AFP.
  • Seed Propagation - Peat is a great choice for achieving strong germination results (due to high surface area of substrate), the foundation for high quality seedlings. Depending on the plant variety being grown from seed, sand or GP vermiculite may also be incorporated into a suitable propagation mix.
  • Cutting Propagation - Ideal for vegetative propagation of many softwood plant varieties due to improved levels of near-stem water retention.
  • Other applications - Also suitable for many other horticultural applications including as an additive to many horticultural substrates.

This Jiffy® premium Fine Peat Substrate is more suitable than common pine-bark based mixes (as peat based mix have a more optimal structure and therefore produce superior results) particularly for seed germination, as peat moss is much lighter, enabling germinating seedlings to push through much easier.

This Jiffy® premium Fine Peat Substrate is a professional grade product used widely by the nursery industry globally.

Advantages of Jiffy® premium Fine Peat Substrate

  • pH buffered to 5.8 (ideal for growing plants, and 100x less acidic than regular peats with pH 3.8!)
  • Incorporates TB Fertiliser providing essential N-P-K nutrients, plus full range of trace elements
  • Peat mix is ideal for plant potting & propagation
  • Enhanced moisture retention suitable for germination
  • Balanced air-filled porosity and high nutrient retention capacity (CEC)
  • Made of screened fines of premium European sphagnum peat
  • Great value for money premium product


  • pH: 5.8 (ideal for plant growth)
  • EC: 0.4 mS/cm
  • Moisture fraction: <15%
  • Particle size: <10mm
  • Density: 211g/L


  • The volume of Jiffy® premium Fine Peat Substrate packed is accurate as at the time of packaging, however due to natural compression and variations in peat density used during the manufacturing process, the actual supplied weight or volume may vary slightly, typically by less than 5%.
  • The bulk bag of Jiffy® Substrate is the packaging the bulk product is sourced in, however due to the bulky nature of the product, the Jiffy® premium Fine Peat Substrate is repackaged into and supplied in resealable plastic packaging, with a label outlining basic product information.

What am I Purchasing?

  • Jiffy® premium Fine Peat Substrate, of selected pack size

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Neil Harris (NSW)
Ideal for planting seeds and young plants

Used both for seed raising and planting out young plants whether in garden bed, raised gardens or grow bags. Can be used both veggies or flowers. Convenient and no transplanting "shock" just relocate jiffy pot to new garden spot.and plant continues to grow.

Jim and Judy (VIC)
Great product for starting any growing project.

I love the results I get with using this growing medium in my grow box. It is sensational. When using it I am assured that I will have excellent growth responses. It gives the assuredness I require for an excellent price. Great product!

Maxine Rodwell (NSW)
Peat moss

Have started making my own succulent medium. The peat moss is one of the ingredients added. Well worth the purchase. A great quality product.