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Frangipani Plumeria Hybrida Seeds

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Various Plumeria species, collectively known as Frangipani have been cultivated widely across tropical and sub-tropical parts of the Asia Pacific region for many years. Whether it is the traditional species varieties, or the newer and more exotic coloured hybrids, nothing says welcome to the tropics, or just relax, or welcome to your holiday like the frangipani flower! Frangipani plants typically flower from late Spring through to the onset of the cooler weather, generally early Autumn, with plants growing in sub-tropical to tropical climates often retaining most of their foliage throughout the year; however, when grown in cooler climates such as southern Australia, the plants are almost always deciduous. In recent times, even more spectacular inter-specific hybrid varieties of Frangipani have been developed providing additional colours to captivate even the non-gardening types. The varieties in the Frangipani Plumeria Hybrida range feature some stunning colours ranging from the classic lemon throated white flower, through to the sizzling beauty of the peach, pink and red selection. All of these varieties are highly fragrant, grow into medium sized trees, however can grow quite large (up to 6m) in the tropics or stay relatively small (2-3m) in cooler environments. Please keen in mind, whilst Frangipani plants can be grown as far south as Victoria, they are nonetheless tropical plants and if they are going to be planted in southern NSW, Victoria or South Australia, they will need to receive ample sun and be planted in a sheltered location as they do not handle cool climates very well.

Advantages of Frangipani Plumeria Hybrida Range

  • Stunningly unique bright flower colours
  • Very heavy (and large) flowering varieties
  • Highly fragrant selections
  • Very low maintenance
  • Drought tolerant once established


  • 3 - 4m height at maturity, however can grow up to 6m in the tropics
  • 3 - 5m apart is a suitable planting distance
  • Prefers full sun but can grow in part shade
  • Generally pest and disease resistant
  • Suitable for pots and will grow in most regions of Australia
  • Easy to grow frost-tender flowering perennial

Seed Sowing Instructions

  • Easy to follow seed propagation notes are provided with every seed purchase
  • Seeds of this variety are best started in seed raising mix or Jiffy® pellets before planting into the garden

What am I Purchasing?

  • Premium seeds of Frangipani Plumeria Hybrida Mix
  • Easy to follow seed propagation notes

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Caroline Wickham (NSW)

Seeds that I started on damp paper towel are sprouting well now that I have transferred into soil.

mick gettens (NSW)

All of my seeds have started growing love them

Katharine Alison Prince
Amazing service and product

Just really impressed with the product information plus always an open ear for queries