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FlowerMAX TE Soluble Fertiliser

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  • FlowerMAX TE, is a high-analysis soluble fertiliser specially formulated to enhance flower and bud initiation in a range of plants, and is now available exclusively from The Climbing Fig - online garden store.

    FlowerMAX TE contains a high phosphorus content (13.1% P, 30% P2O5), as well as an optimal ratio of potassium to nitrogen (2:1 in the oxide ratio) to encourage most plants to switch from a vegetative growth phase to a floral growth phase. In addition to the very high analysis of macronutrients (NPK, 10, 13.1, 16.6), FlowerMAX TE contains, a balanced range of 8 different trace elements, important not only in the initiation of floral development, but critical in the development of healthy floral morphology, which is essential in ensuring successful pollination.

    FlowerMAX TE is a professional grade product used widely by the nursery industry in Australia.

    Floral Induction

    Plant growth normally occurs at the growing tips, a region known as the meristematic region. A growing plant continually produces cells in this region, however, depending on a range of factors (day-length, temperature, nutrition), a plant can either produce cells required for vegetative growth (foliage) or floral growth (flowers).

    From a nutrition perspective, a key factor that determines whether a plant will flower or not is the potassium (K) to nitrogen (N) ratio. Many studies over a long time have found that a ratio of 2:1 (the elemental ratio present in FlowerMAX TE) is ideal for inducing flowering in most plant species. Conventionally, the use of potash (potassium sulphate) has been the typical manner by which to increase the amount of potassium uptake, and whilst a reasonable approach, potash does not contain other key nutrients essential for healthy floral development, only initiation.

    There are many plant varieties such as Wisteria, Frangipani as well as other ornamental (and fruit) trees, that do not necessarily have the tendency to flower (heavily or at all), unless the K:N ratio is appropriate. In these cases, where an otherwise healthy plant is simply not flowering at the appropriate time of year and the K:N ratio is the limiting factor, these plants will generally respond very well to an application of FlowerMAX TE.

    FlowerMAX TE is a high analysis fertiliser containing all the essential nutrients required for healthy floral growth and is suitable for most plant types including most flowering plants, ornamentals, fruit trees, vegetable crops as well as bonsai (at lower application rates, generally 1/2 strength).

    What we love

    • Ideal ratio (high K:N) for inducing flower bud formation
    • High macronutrient (NPK) analysis
    • High micronutrient (Trace Element, TE) range
    • Rapid nutrient availability ensures fast uptake
    • Suitable for a wide range of plants
    • Great value for money
    • Safe, reliable & easy to use (if used properly)


    • FlowerMAX TE is packaged exclusively for The Climbing Fig into resealable LDPE bags. As the raw material for FlowerMAX TE is generally only available to wholesale plant growers in Australia, the fertiliser is not available in plastic-tubs, but instead packaged into resealable LDPE bags for ease of transport and use.

    What am I Purchasing?

    • FlowerMAX TE high-analysis soluble fertiliser, of selected pack size
  • For indicative application rates, refer to the tables below or the third image in the gallery.

    Garden Situation Application Rate
    Young plants 0.5 grams per 1L of water
    Bonsai plants 0.5 grams per 1L of water
    General use 1.0 grams per 1L of water
    Older plants 1.5 grams per 1L of water

    As a general rule, FlowerMAX TE should be applied by a watering can to the base of the target plant, approximately 8 weeks before the typical flowering season. Please keep in mind that whilst FlowerMAX TE provides a high-analysis broad spectrum range of nutrients, it is normal for results to take several months to appear, as the results depend on the host plants growth phase, history, environment and a range of other factors. If your soil is depleted in potassium (often the case as potassium is very soluble and often leaches), fortnightly applications leading up to the flowering season are advisable. In light of the above, we encourage all gardeners to be patient for results. Whilst we are always happy to help, please have realistic expectations and try not message us to ask why an orange tree hasn't flowered and fruited within a week of application!

  • For nutrient analysis as guaranteed by manufacturer, refer to the tables below or the third image in the gallery.


    5.2% nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N)
    4.8% ammoniacal nitrogen (NH4-N)
    13.1% PHOSPHORUS (P)
    13.1% water soluble
    16.6% water soluble


    1.6% Sulphur (S)
    1.2% Magnesium (Mg)
    0.12% Iron (Fe)
    0.12% DTPA chelated
    0.06% Manganese (Mn)
    0.02% Boron (B)
    0.06% Copper (Cu)
    0.01% Molybdenum (Mo)
    0.015% Zinc (Zn)