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EnduraMAX TE Controlled Slow Release High-Analysis Granular Fertiliser

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  • High analysis slow release fertiliser containing complete range of essential nutrients. Suitable for most plants including, turf, flowers, ornamentals, fruit trees, vegetable & herbs.

    For years we have been hearing the following questions from our loyal customers:

    • What do you guys use to keep your plants in your nursery and gardens looking so vibrant?
    • What fertiliser do you use?
    • Which fertiliser would your recommend for my plants?

    Well here it is. EnduraMAX TE, a premium, controlled release high-analysis fertiliser now available exclusively from The Climbing Fig.

    EnduraMAX TE is a high analysis fertiliser containing all the essential nutrients required for healthy plant growth and is suitable for most plant types including, turf grass, flowers & ornamentals, fruit trees, vegetable crops as well as bonsai and seedlings (at lower application rates). EnduraMAX TE fertiliser granules are fully coated with a new generation matrix which provides constant and extended nutrient release (for 5 - 6 months) therefore helping growers avoid surges and leaching of important plant nutrients which belong in your pots or garden soil, not in our precious waterways.

    EnduraMAX TE is a professional grade product used widely by the nursery industry in Australia.

    What we love

    • High macronutrient (NPK) analysis
    • High micronutrient (Trace Element, TE) range
    • Sustained nutrient release profile (feeds plants for 5 - 6 months)
    • Nutrient release profile closely matches plant nutrient requirements
    • Suitable for a wide range of plants
    • Great value for money
    • Safe, reliable & easy to use


    • EnduraMAX TE is packaged exclusively for The Climbing Fig into resealable LDPE bags. As the raw material for EnduraMAX TE is generally only available to wholesale plant growers in Australia, the fertiliser is not available in plastic-tubs, but instead packaged into resealable LDPE bags for ease of transport and use.

    What am I Purchasing?

    • EnduraMAX TE controlled release high-analysis fertiliser, of selected pack size
  • For indicative application rates, refer to the table below or the second image in the gallery.

    Garden Situation Application Rate
    Young plants including seedlings 2 - 3 grams per 1L of seed raising mix
    Pot plants 3 - 4 grams per 1L of potting mix
    Garden beds 10 - 40 grams per square metre of garden
    Native plants Use lower rates, generally half
  • For nutrient analysis as guaranteed by manufacturer, refer to the tables below or the second image in the gallery.


    6.5% nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N)
    8.8% ammoniacal nitrogen (NH4-N)
    1.7% urea nitrogen (Ur-N)
    8.3% water soluble
    10% water soluble


    0.33% Iron (Fe)
    0.06% EDTA chelated
    0.04% Manganese (Mn)
    0.037% Copper (Cu)
    0.02% Boron (B)
    0.015% Molybdenum (Mo)
    0.011% Zinc (Zn)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Anne (WA)
EnduraMAX TE Controlled Slow Release Fertiser

EnduraMAX is an all-in-one powerful fertiliser that is easy to apply to plants and is available in a variety of sizes suitable for the smaller gardeners, promptly delivered to your address.

Nicholas C (WA)
Very Impressed

Enduramax is a fantastic fertilizer! Saves a lot of time in the nursery by using an all in one macro & micro fertilizer. Tempers release so I know my plants are ready for spring.

I love how the climbing fig offers these fertilizers in smaller sized bags too. Many of these brands can only be purchased in 20kg bags.