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Bonsai Sole Mesh Premium Plastic Sheets

Sheets of premium black plastic mesh for placing in the bottom of small ceramic and glazed pots (particularly suitable for bonsai and succulents), to ensure the potting mix does not escape, yet allows excess moisture to drain freely. In some cases, such as with high-end bonsai, the plants can be anchored to the mesh to provide the plant with increased stability.

The premium plastic mesh is supplied in flat sheets, and is made of a durable reinforced plastic that is UV-stabilised, which means it wont breakdown with exposure to potting mix and fertiliser and will ensure many years of reliable performance.

When considering bonsai mesh options, it's advisable to choose an appropriate and robust mesh and well worth avoiding white, coarse or flexible meshes, as these are generally quite unsuitable for bonsai related applications.

The importance of optimal mesh aperture

This premium mesh has an aperture (mesh opening) of 2x2mm, the optimal specification for this particular application. Cheaper meshes often have a larger aperture which means sand in the bonsai mix washes away during watering. Similarly, finer meshes fail to provide sufficient drainage and can be quite problematic.

How to use the plastic mesh

Check out the thumbnail photo on the top right hand corner. A small piece (~8cm) of U-shaped copper wire is looped through the top of the mesh (inside the pot), and then folded outwards at the bottom (outside of the pot) to hold the mesh in place, refer the thumbnail showing the terracotta base of the pot.

What we love

  • STRONG - tough reinforced plastic mesh
  • PROFESSIONAL - used widely by industry
  • DURABLE - made from UV-resistant plastic

Product Details and Specifications

  • This plastic mesh consists of 2x2mm apertures, with each lot of 25 (5x5), framed with a thicker plastic reinforcement (10mmx10mm), providing increased strength and durability.
  • The plastic mesh is supplied in flat sheets measuring approximately 165mm x 105mm and are 1mm thick.

This listing is for the plastic mesh only and excludes any wire or plants such as those provided in the photos for illustrative purposes.

What am I Purchasing?

  • Professional grade Bonsai Plastic Mesh Sheets, of selected pack size