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Bonsai EsTab Controlled Release Fertiliser

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  • The Climbing Fig presents BONSAI-EsTab™, a specially formulated sustained release fertiliser designed to provide the specific nutritional requirements of bonsai plants. As generally slow growing plants, Bonsai plants require a stable and balanced release of nutrients, a nutrient release profile that is best provided through the application of BONSAI-EsTab™. BONSAI-EsTab™ contains the ideal combination of plant nutrition and organic additives to give your valuable seeds, seedlings and plants the best chance of successfully germinating and growing on to healthy and robust Bonsai plants. BONSAI-EsTab™ is a sustained release fertiliser containing macronutrients (N,P,K,S), micronutrients (more than 8 trace elements) and a range of natural bioactive and phytoactive compounds.

    BONSAI-EsTab™ is available exclusively through The Climbing Fig.

    Use in the following applications:

    • Seeds - By incorporating BONSAI-EsTab™ into the seed-raising mix before sowing, the germination of a range of seeds and subsequent establishment of healthy seedlings can often be improved significantly.
    • Plants - By incorporating BONSAI-EsTab™ into Bonsai potting-mix, the establishment and growth of healthy bonsai plants can be improved, ensuring maximum success.

    Important note: Many cheap off-the-shelf fertilisers from supermarkets or hardware stores contain a high salt-index and given the low nutrient buffering capacity of most Bonsai plants (due to low organic matter in bonsai potting-mixes), Bonsai plants can be burnt or even killed through the use of inappropriate fertilisers. Bonsai plants have quite specific nutritional requirements. In addition to the obvious dangers of chemical fertilisers, many organic fertilisers provide food and habitat for a range of microorganisms that can be harmful to bonsai plants, therefore the specific composition of Bonsai fertilisers is very important.

    What we love

    • Assists in successful germination of a wide range of seeds.
    • Provides seedlings with complete nutritional requirements in slow release bioactive form.
    • Nutritional requirement of seedlings are closely matched as nutrient release is buffered by the organic bioactive compounds.
    • Effective nutrient delivery promotes healthy growth of seedlings and plants.
    • Balanced plant nutrition is important in maintaining optimal plant health and ensuring increased resistance to pests and diseases

    What am I Purchasing?

    • BONSAI-EsTab™ sustained release fertiliser with organics, of selected pack size
  • For indicative application rates, refer below or the third image in the gallery.

    • Simply sprinkle a teaspoon of BONSAI-EsTab™ at the base of established Bonsai plants, every 3-4 months.
    • For use during seed sowing, mix BONSAI-EsTab™ into a high quality seed-raising mix, before filling your pot or seedling tray.
    • The contents of a 30g bag should be mixed into 3 - 5L of seed-raising mix.
    • Additional seed sowing instructions are supplied for FREE in the form of propagation notes with every seed purchase from The Climbing Fig online store.
  • Technical Details

    The comprehensive analysis of BONSAI-EsTab™ is highly effective in assisting the germination process and providing the nutritional requirements of seedlings and plants. At the core of BONSAI-EsTab™ is the science of nutrient utilisation efficiency (NUE). It is not the amount of fertiliser applied to a plant that matters, but rather the efficient utilisation of fertiliser, to achieve sustainable plant growth. Indeed, the over-supply of nutrients that a plant cannot utilise can be toxic to the plant (particularly young seedlings as well as bonsai plants) and soil microorganisms.

    The bioactive compounds in BONSAI-EsTab™, particularly the humic acid component, act as a natural nutrient buffer by absorbing excessive nutrients in the potting-mix and releasing them as required by plants. Additional organic compounds in BONSAI-EsTab™ include a range of bioactives and phytoactives (compounds that efficiently elicit a physiological plant response) which also have demonstrated adjuvant properties, including assisting in the wetting of soil and the uptake of nutrients.

    BONSAI-EsTab™ contains an extensive list of compounds important in ensuring the successful growth of seedlings, including:

    • Macronutrients, consisting of (N) Nitrogen (8%), (P) Phosphorus (1.8%), (K) Potassium (4.9%), (S) Sulphur (2.3%). (Nutritional analysis is based on a elemental w/w% basis)
    • Micronutrients, are made up of more than 8 different trace elements including (B) Boron, (Cu) Copper, (Fe) Iron, (Mg) Magnesium, (Mn) Manganese, (Mo) Molybdenum and (Zn) Zinc
    • Bioactives, including long chain, slow-release humic acids with adjuvant and soil-wetting properties
    • Phytoactives, including natural compounds analogous to plant growth regulators (PGR's) such as plant hormones
    • The active ingredients of BONSAI-EsTab™ have been researched and studied in laboratories and in the field for more than a decade and this know-how is now available directly to plant enthusiasts in Australia, courtesy of The Climbing Fig.

    For typical nutrient analysis, refer to the table below or the third image in the gallery.


    8.0% Total Nitrogen (N)
    4.3% ammoniacal nitrogen (NH4-N)
    3.7% nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N)
    1.8% Total Phosphorus (P)
    1.2% water soluble
    4.9% Total Potassium (K)
    4.9% water soluble
    2.3% Sulphur (S)
    2.3% water soluble
    0.5% Magnesium (Mg)
    0.5% water soluble

    Plus trace-elements, organics and bioactives.

Customer Reviews

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Tania Bennett (NSW)
Best Bonsai Fertiliser

I love the Bonsai-Es Tab sustained release fetiliser. I use it on all of my Bonsai's and would not use anything else. They are all thriving thanks to this product. I qould highly recommend it to everyone.

Peter Morkunas (QLD)

Great product

Benjamin Pyatt (VIC)
Great product

Great product, my seedlings love it