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90mm Teku Round TERRACOTTA Plastic Pots

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Premium nursery grade 90mm round plastic pots precision manufactured in Germany by Poppelmann. Ideal for re-potting seedlings or cuttings and are also suitable for growing potted-colour such as annuals, herbs, strawberries and many other common garden plants. These terracotta coloured plastic pots are made of a lightweight thermoformed polypropylene and hold approximately 288mL of potting-mix. The pots measure approximately 90mm across at the top and stand 70mm tall.

These pots are the global standard in terms of pots intended for potted-colour production and are designed to be suitable for potting-machines and are made from a recycled thermoformed black plastic, therefore ensuring pots are practical & lightweight as well as highly cost-effective. These plastic pots are used widely across the nursery industry in Australia.

What we love

  • Improved drainage with 12 individual holes at the base of each pot (provides optimal air-filled porosity and also suitable for bottom-up irrigation setups)
  • Designed to provide faster crop-cycle times due to ideal watering and drainage
  • Plants are easier to remove from these pots at planting due to the tapered slimline design

Product Details & Specifications

These 90mm Teku pots:

  • Hold approximately 288 mL of potting-mix
  • Measure approximately 90mm across at the top and stand 70mm tall
  • Have 12 individual holes on the underside of each pot
  • Are made of a lightweight thermoformed black plastic (inside) with a terracotta plastic outer

IMPORTANT NOTE - these pots are made of a lightweight thermoformed plastic and the walls have increased flexibility compared to traditional rigid plastic pots. If you need a rigid plastic pot, please refer to our Slimline Pot or Squat Pot ranges.

What am I Purchasing?

  • 90mm Teku® Plastic Pots, of selected pack size

Customer Reviews

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Ma Luisa Curva (NSW)
90mm Teku® Plastic Pots

Great quality and the size is perfect for what I need.