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40 Litre WOVEN Planter Box Hedge Bags

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Have you ever wanted to grow a hedge in a pot? How about about a cute narrow herb garden? Strawberries for the little ones? Or maybe just a cheerful flower garden in a narrow courtyard? If so, the woven planter box bags we have on offer may be just what you're after.

These woven planter box bags are easy to set-up, simply unfold, insert 4 stakes (not included) along the length of the bags, and fill with a high-quality potting mix, and you are ready to plant! No lugging 80kg concrete planter boxes! Other than the great price and the durability, the best thing we like about these woven planter box bags, is they are highly versatile. If you are looking at moving in the near future and want to take your hard work with you; or would simply like to be able to move your new garden whenever and wherever you like, you will definitely enjoy the flexibility that comes with the woven planter box bags.

These are tough and durable, high-quality, industrial horticulture grade 40 Litre woven planter bags. The bags we have on offer here are made of a laminated and stabilised woven polypropylene and can withstand harsh growing environments, including indefinite direct exposure to the sun.

This is a professional grade product that has been used widely by the nursery industry in Australia for many years.

The planter box bag photo in the main image is of the 40 Litre size. The larger 90 Litre size is very similar in appearance, except larger is size, with a height of 300mm, width of 300mm and length of 1,000mm. These are genuine GCP planter bags, with a printed white logo on one side of every bag. We DO NOT substitute for "similar brands", as we believe in supplying only the best 100% genuine products.

What we love

  • Easy Fill® base - is a flat based bag that forms a clean right-angle with the sides ensuring the bag is easy to fill and even easier to empty
  • Tough & durable sleeves - strong sleeves enable the filled planter bags to be lifted with confidence
  • Laminated woven polypropylene - strong and superior material and nylon stitching, provides extended durability
  • Distributed drainage - evenly distributed 5mm holes along the base and sidewall provide even drainage and result in improved root development
  • Suitable for Australian conditions - a track-record of successful use in Australia over many years

Product Description and Specifications

Indicative specifications:

  • Capacity: 40 Litres
  • Bag Height: 20.0 cm
  • Bag Width: 20.0 cm
  • Bag Length: 100.0 cm
  • Material: Premium laminated woven polypropylene (stabilised for prolonged UV resistance)

These planter box bags have a nominal volume of 40 Litres, height of 20.0 cm, width of 20.0 cm and length of 100.0 cm. These are approximate dimensions of the planter box bag, when it is filled. The planter bags are supplied folded flat. In order to be able to fill the bags and maintain the rectangular shape, the bags have stake sleeves sown into them, requiring four stakes. The ideal length for the stakes is 98 cm if you would like the stakes to be hidden, or 116 cm, if you would like 8 cm hanging-over on each side, enabling the filled bags to be moved around easily. Bamboo stakes, or broomstick-type wood can be used, but should preferably have a diameter of 18 - 22 mm, and a smooth finish to avoid damaging the bag. Hardwood stakes are not ideal. Please note this listing is for the folded planter bags only, and DOES NOT include any stakes, or plants.

We stock a large range of sizes and quantities of planter bags, however due to unexpected wholesale orders from time to time, not all bag sizes are in stock. Please contact us if you are after a different size that does not appear to be currently available.

What am I Purchasing?

  • 40 Litre Woven Planter Box Hedge Bag (dimensions 20cm x 20cm x 100cm), of selected pack size