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225mm Round Plastic Hanging Baskets CLASSIC SANDSTONE with Pots Saucers Hangers

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These premium hanging baskets are mega-trendy (much cooler than the old-school pot hanging with rusty chain look!), with a sleek design and horizontal textured finish, are sure to add colour and class to any home, cafe or entertainment area. The classic sandstone (beige) colour is a fairly neutral tone and sure to be compatible with most colour schemes around the house & garden and most other outdoor areas. These hanging baskets represent great value, as they are supplied as complete sets, and include the durable colour-coded hangers and saucers to match, providing a sleek and elegant design, at a great price.

These premium nursery grade 225mm round plastic hanging baskets are great for growing a range of indoor and outdoor plants, including both annual and perennial varieties, as well as herbs and strawberries. The plants in the main photo are of Cyclamen Tiffany Range and the top thumbnail photo is of Strawberry Sweet Temptation, two plant varieties that are typically loved by snails and other creepy crawlies, however, since the hanging baskets are off the ground, this is a great way to avoid these pests and grow these and many other varieties, organically. These durable hanging baskets hold approximately 2,800 mL of potting-mix and have 9-holes at the underside of the pot, which enable excess water to drain into the affixed (removable) saucer.

These hanging baskets measure approximately 225mm across (diameter) at the top of the pot, stand 125mm tall (with saucer attached), and have a hanging length of 525mm (from the top of the hanging hook) to the bottom of the saucer.

These premium hanging baskets are manufactured in Australia and used widely across the nursery industry.

What we love

  • Made of tough and durable UV-stabilised beige plastic, therefore will not turn powdery-white like some of the cheaper imported versions
  • Strong hanger with moulded hanging hook and basket attachment, provide a strong and practical hanging method
  • Improved drainage with 9 individual 8mm holes at the underside of the pot
  • Plants are easier to remove from these pots for repotting or transplanting due to the tapered curvature design

Hanging Basket Planting Tips:

  • In order to ensure you get the most out of your hanging baskets (or any pot plant), it is important to ensure you use a high-quality potting-mix that incorporates controlled release fertiliser, as we all as water holding granules, not just a wetting agent

Product Details & Specifications

  • These hanging baskets are made of a durable green plastic and measure approximately 225mm across (diameter) at the top of the pot and stand 125mm tall
  • This listing is for the hanging baskets (inclusive of saucers & hangers) only, and excludes any plants such as those provided in the photos for illustrative purposes

What am I Purchasing?

  • 225mm Classic Sandstone (beige) Plastic Hanging Basket sets, of selected pack size

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Virginia Stone (QLD)
Can't ask for quicker service of durable products

I have bought from The Climbing Tree for a few years. I have always been happy with the fast service, also the classy and durable products they sell. I have not had to look elsewhere (although I did at the start, only to find more expensive and poor quality products.