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150mm Wire Twist Ties Green Plastic Coated

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Premium plastic coated wire twist ties, pre-cut into convenient 150mm long lengths. These ties incorporate a flexible wire core, coated with a durable, UV-resistant and waterproof green plastic, providing not only an attractive and highly versatile tie, but also one that has been proven to last several years in the open environment. Its these tough and durable traits that have resulted in this tie being used so widely amongst the Australian nursery industry.

Unless you are looking for a twist tie to use for a kids birthday party, we recommend steering clear of the cheap and nasty metallic or even worse paper coated options that are only marginally cheaper to start with, but are often more hassle than they are worth, not to mention dangerous.

These premium wire twist ties are widely used for:

  • supporting plants on garden stakes
  • attaching plants to support (trellis) wire/s in production nurseries
  • attaching plants to trellis and lattice - a popular choice for assisting in espaliering
  • training young plants including bonsai
  • fixing labels to plants either in production and/or retail nurseries
  • as well as countless applications outside the horticulture industry, including to close bags (ice bags, parts, even in the kitchen).

These wire twist ties can also be used to attach our 135mm Plant Labels directly onto a plant, stake, pot or trellis to ensure plant details are not lost, this is a popular choice amongst avid orchid growers.

What we love

  • STRONG - tough wire for tying and training plants
  • PROFESSIONAL - used widely by horticulture industry
  • WATERPROOF - wire coated with UV-resistant plastic

Product Details and Specifications

  • Length: 150mm
  • Width: 4mm
  • Weight: 0.36g/pc
  • Material: UV stabilised green plastic coated flexible wire core
  • If you are not familiar with these wire twist ties, or if you have a specific request or would like to clarify any specific details, please message us before making a purchase to ensure this item will meet your requirements. If you are working with more mature plants including bonsai trees, you might require a longer or thicker tie, depending on your particular application.
  • This listing is for the wire twist ties only and excludes any packaging (depending on pack type purchased) or plants such as those provided in the photos for illustrative purposes.

What am I Purchasing?

  • 150mm Pre-cut Wire Twist Ties, of selected pack size

Customer Reviews

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robert titcomb (QLD)

Bloody great product

Lesley Galea (NSW)

Great for my orchids. Good quality. Ties last well. Purchase was good value.

Gai Collis (gaigai73) (NSW)
Green twist ties

perfect thankyou so much.
Postage was quick and will definitely buy fron you again. Thankyou