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150mm Teku Round CLEAR Plastic Pots

Next-generation Teku® pot manufactured by industry leader Poppelmann in Germany. These 150mm Clear Plastic Pots are ideally suited for cultivating a range of plants that require or benefit from light in the root-zone, including many orchids, most notably Phapaenopsis varieties. Whilst increased light in the root-zone can assist some plants to photosynthesise, the most practical advantages include being able to observe root-zone development, and moisture to ensure plant development is progressing well.

These clear plastic pots are made of a durable yet highly translucent plastic and hold approximately 1,400 mL of potting-mix (orchid mix) and have a 16-holes at the underside of pot, distributed between an internal ridge and sidewall. These pots measure approximately 147mm across (diameter) at the top of the pot, 108mm wide at the bottom and stand 124mm tall.

These pots are precision manufactured in Germany from a durable clear plastic, therefore ensuring pots can be reused. These plastic pots are used widely across the nursery industry not only in Australia, but are the gold-standard, globally.

What we love

  • Made of durable clear plastic, therefore is reusable for many years
  • Improved drainage with 16-holes at the underside of pot, distributed between an internal ridge and sidewall
  • Plants are easier to remove from these pots at planting due to the tapered design
  • Pots integrate a basal ridge hole to enable panicle support stakes to be anchored strongly
  • Optimal pot design provides economic use of potting mix and ensure reduced plant cultivation time

What am I Purchasing?

  • 150mm Clear Plastic Orchid Pots, of selected pack size

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