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Tropicoir 4.5kg SS HUSK CHIP Coir Block

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  • Premium compressed husk chip coir ideal for fern and orchid planting. With the simple addition of water and some light mixing in a wheelbarrow, each of these Tropicoir® compressed coir blocks expand to produce up to 60 Litres of premium husk chip coir mix.

    The mix produced by the Tropicoir® coir block is suitable for a many horticultural applications including:

    • General Purpose Potting - Simply mix through the supplied fertiliser and use as regular potting mix. The mix is lighter weight and has a higher water holding capacity than cheap bark based potting mixes available from supermarkets and hardware stores.
    • Fern & Orchid Potting - Simply use the expanded coir mix as a regular orchid potting mix. The mix is light weight (because it does not include sand), has very high air-filled porosity (AFP) and a relatively low water holding capacity, making it a great choice for growing orchids. Many nurseries and orchid growers incorporate coir chips into commercial potting mixes to improve substrate properties, including texture and AFP.
    • Orchid Propagation - Ideal for vegetative propagation of some orchid varieties that require a highly aerated organic mix.
    • Other Applications - Also suitable for many other horticultural applications including as an additive to many horticultural substrates and is also a popular choice in hydroponics.

    The Tropicoir® SS Husk Chip coir block is made of coarse coconut husk (10mm screened, with most fines removed) and then compressed to form a premium coir block with a naturally very low salt index (unlike cheap versions that can be very phytotoxic) and natural nutritional content, including potassium and other essential nutrients. Coir is generally lighter weight than common peat and pine-bark, as coir based mix has a superior structure to common pine-bark based mixes and therefore produces superior results as a result of improved air-filled porosity and a lower EC.

    This Tropicoir® SS Husk Chip compressed coir block is a professional grade product used widely by the nursery industry in Australia.

    Fertiliser Option - Osmocote® Pro Fertiliser (12-14 month slow release)

    Whilst the compressed coir blocks contain natural nutrition, for best results we recommend the addition of Osmocote® Pro, a premium controlled release fertiliser with a very slow nutrient release profile (12-14 months) which contains a range of essential plant nutrients including a full suite of important trace-elements. If the coir mix is going to be used for propagation or general potting we recommend the addition of 200g of Osmocote® Pro fertiliser.

    For the full nutritional analysis of Osmocote® Pro controlled release fertiliser please refer to the relevant image in the image gallery.

    What we love

    • Great value for money with large expanded volume
    • Made of 10mm screened husk coir
    • Produces high quality coir chip mix
    • Coir chip mix is ideal for potting & propagation or orchids and some ferns
    • Very high air-filled porosity ideal for orchids
    • Low EC with appropriate nutrient retention capacity

    What am I Purchasing?

    • Tropicoir® SS Husk Chip Compressed Coir Block (4.5kg), of selected coir pack type
    • Optional 200 grams Osmocote® Pro Fertiliser 12-14 months slow release fertiliser per block, by selecting the Coir + Fertiliser option
  • For quick and easy instructions on how to use this Tropicoir nursery-grade compressed coir block to produce a wheelbarrow full (60 - 70 litres) of soft fine-grade coir peat (to fill an Instant Garden Bed), please refer to the 3:00 minute mark of the following video.