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Propagation Mix Range - Fine Peat or Seed Raising Mix With Vermiculite

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For the uninitiated, seed propagation may seem like an art, however, for industry professionals, seed propagation is a precise science. Successful seed propagation starts with high quality seeds (avoid the fakes on eBay!), but also requires an ideal substrate (growing medium) maintained under optimal conditions (temperature, light, moisture).

This Premium Seed Raising Mix takes all the guesswork out of preparing a high-quality seed raising substrate. This mix has the ideal lightweight structure and fine texture required for emerging seedlings, optimal air-filled porosity and cation exchange capacity for a healthy root zone, and also incorporates a complete fertiliser for healthy seedling development. In short, this is a high-quality complete seed raising mix, based on a decade old formula proven to reliably produce optimal results, time after time.

This premium Premium Seed Raising Mix is suitable for many propagation related applications including:

  • Seed Propagation - suitable for germinating most seed types, and is a great choice for achieving strong germination results (due to high surface area of substrate), the foundation for high quality seedlings.
  • Cutting Propagation - Ideal for vegetative propagation of many softwood plant varieties due to improved levels of near-stem water retention.
  • Other applications - Also suitable for many other horticultural applications including as an additive to other horticultural substrates, including those used in certain hydroponics arrangements.

Why is this mix better than other seed-raising mixes? The most common substrates used in seed-raising mixes are either composted pine-bark or fine peat. In the case of composted pine-bark based mixes, these mixes are usually quite coarse and generally insufficiently composted, which results in poor seed-substrate adhesion and moisture retention, which often leads to poor germination, and disappointing seedling growth as the nitrogen drawdown of composting barks deprives seedlings of key nutrients.

The more preferred option is a fine peat moss as it is much lighter, enabling germinating seedlings to push through much easier. Unfortunately, most readily available peat mixes are un-ameliorated and have a pH of around than 3.8, which is highly acidic, and not suitable for plant growth and can lead to necrosis (severe burn and eventual death) of leaves and young plants.

In contrast, this premium seed raising mix is produced (~75%, w/w) from a professional-grade Fine Peat Substrate manufactured from by Jiffy®, the leading plant propagation substrate supplier, globally. The premium peat substrate has had its pH buffered to 5.8 (ideal pH for most plants), has been screened to ensure only fine particles and fibres are present (making it ideal for propagation), is pest & disease-free and incorporates the award-winning Tref Base Fertiliser, providing essential N-P-K nutrients, as well as a full range of trace elements, important for healthy plant growth. In addition to the peat base, the bulk of the remainder of this premium seed-raising mix consists of GP Vermiculite, for improved root zone aeration, and nutrient buffering capacity.


  • pH buffered to 5.8 (ideal for growing plants, and 100x less acidic than regular peats with pH 3.8)
  • Incorporates TB Fertiliser providing essential N-P-K nutrients, plus full range of trace elements
  • Enhanced moisture retention suitable for germination
  • Balanced air-filled porosity and high nutrient retention capacity (CEC)
  • Made of screened fines of premium European sphagnum peat (Jiffy® substrate) and GP Vermiculite
  • Great value for money, premium product supplied with FREE delivery
  • A complete seed raising mix ideal for plant propagation

General Specifications

  • The volume of either Fine Peat Substrate (Pack A - E) or Premium Seed Raising Mix (Item A1 - E1) packed is accurate as at the time of packaging, however due to natural compression and variations in peat and vermiculite density used during the manufacturing process, the actual supplied weight or volume may vary slightly, typically by less than 5%.
  • For details of each pack, refer to the second image in the gallery. Essentially, pack A, B, C & D corresponds to 1, 3.3, 8 & 18.5 Litres of the Fine Peat Substrate. Similarly, pack A1, B1, C1 & D1 corresponds to 1, 3.3, 8 & 18.5 L of the Seed Raising Mix.
  • The bulk bag of Jiffy® Substrate is the packaging the bulk peat product is sourced in, however due to the bulky nature of the product and the requirement to blend (incorporate GP Vermiculite), both the Fine Peat Substrate and the Premium Seed Raising Mix are repackaged into and supplied in resealable plastic packaging, with a label outlining basic product information.

What am I Purchasing?

  • Jiffy® premium propagation mix, of selected type and pack size
  • Note: the propagation mix is supplied in resealable plastic packaging

Customer Reviews

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Karen Earl (VIC)

Awesome product.. Every seed that was sprayed with this grew.. even seeds that were out of season !!
Made me feel like an expert

Alexandra Coventry (VIC)


Jess (VIC)
Five star mix

I was so happy to receive my order within days of purchasing. The seed raising mix looks terrific and I'm sure will give my seeds the best start to life!